Quality and values of Menabrea beer

Menabrea beer owes its success to one strategy that in addition to evaluating the quality and tradition was the head of entrepreneurial road directed towards innovation and commercial development.

In the following are some of the most important factors on which the company states:

– High attention to the selection and quality of the basic raw materials used: recognition of the brands excellence;

– The ability of capillary distribution oriented to small distributors;

– Exceptional commitment to promotion of a beer culture and “responsible” drinking;

– Commercial policy is entirely oriented to marketing

The specificity of Menabrea beer comes primarily from the water that comes from the Alps near Biella famous for its springs over 1500 meters deep.  The skillful use of water and carefully selected basestocks such as pure yeast, Italian and French malt and esteemed diversified hops that comes from the Hallertau valley are the true strength of Menabrea beer. With constant attention to the selection of basic materials, the company uses the most innovative and efficient methods of production process combined with skill, hard work and passion of its employees that constitute the reason why the brand prides itself.


Menabrea beer is a synonym for exclusive product able to meet personalized requirements of small distributors and large companies.

The company is committed to the promotion of a culture of taste, pleasure at the table and responsible drinking. Mark is offered as a product of excellence for tasting, ideal to complement and highlight the flavor of various dishes of local and international cuisine. Menabrea brewery sponsors a variety of publications on higher cooking, editions where known chefs retell the history of beer and using it as the basic ingredients in their recipes. Menabrea Brewery has an important role in promoting the so-called “Responsible” drinking, conscious at drinking beer.

In recent years, Menabrea Brewery achieves interesting cooperation in various fields such as art, culture, motorizim and nutrition, which contributed to the widening and strengthening of its own value ​​and brand.



Company history

In more than 160 years of operation, Menabrea Brewery has undoubtedly contributed to the development of the brewing industry in Italy. It was founded in 1846 when Mr. Welf di Gressoney and brothers Antonio and Gian Battista Caraccio decided to open a laboratory for the production of beer. In 1854. Jean Joseph Menabrea and Antonio Zimmermann take brewery in a lease, and they eventually bought it in 1864. After Zimmermann left the company, Giuseppe Menabrea (no more Jean Joseph because official language was already  Italian) on 6. July 1872. established brewery “Mr. Menabrea and sons.”

The application of low fermentation, at that time poorly spread, and use of high quality basic materials, especially water from Bielle spring, characterized Menabrea beer and its success from the very beginning.
After the death of the founder in 1881., a series of successors, in addition to contributions to the expansion of the brand in Italy, has received several awards from the rulers. The most significant is the nomination of Carl Menabrea for Knight Order from King Umberto I of Savoy, the Crown of Italy. In 1896. Emilio Thedy and Agostino Antoniotti, spouses of sisters Menabrea, take on the companySince then, family Thedy is the head of the company.


At the end of the year 1800. came the certificates of recognition at the international level: the silver medal at the fair in Turin, diplomas of honor and cross from Dijon in France, Munich in Germany and from Ganda in Belgium. In the new century list of accolades of Menabrea beer is enriched with numerous prestigious awards, which are constantly supplemented. Among them, there are the four Gran Premiums and gold medals at exhibitions in Turin, Milan, Rome, Brussels and Paris.

In 1991. the company became part of the group Breweries Forst, companie from the province of Alto Adige, known for its product quality and nature conservation. The agreement, signed by Paolo Thedy, the fourth generation of the dynasty, was finalized in order to confirm the pride of Italian beers and determine its commercial presence in the territory. Menabrea Brewery retains intact its strong identity and independence while managing to keep alive the culture and the brewing tradition, providing itself a honor place at the international level.


From 1997. to 2011. Menabrea beer climbs to the highest podium step at the World Cup of beer in Chicago, the relevant competition which is organized annually by the experts in the field, winning gold and silver medals. It is a kind of consecration for the brewery from Biella which in 2005, after the death of Paolo Thedyja, fell into hands of his son Franco Thedy, the fifth family generation.

During his management, Franco Thedy managed to achieve the highest results ever in the company’s profits, which in 2011. amounted to more than 25 million €, and in the presence of the brand Menabrea on the foreign market.


In addition to the managerial function at Breweries Menabrea, Thedy Franco was nominated in June 2011, Vice President of European Federation of beer, the Brewers of Europe. Thedy is also a part of the board at the associations of producers of beer and malt Assobirra.



National and international awards that Menabrea Brewery got from the year 1800. witnessed the credibility that eventually strengthened and represent a company that has maintained loyalty to its initial values.

In addition to careful selection and quality of basic raw materials, Brewery Menabrea always payed much interest for a great importance to human resources. Competence, hard work and passion of all our employees, has been a distinct factor for the brand for years.


In the following is a list of awards received:

Biella 1882: Diploma D’onoreTorino 1898: Medaglia d’ArgentoDijon 1899: Diploma d’Onore e CroceMinhen 1899: Diploma d’Onore e CroceGand 1899: Diploma d’Onore e CrocePariz 1900: GrandPrix

Varallo 1905: Gran Diploma d’Onore

Torino 1911: Medaglia d’OroLondon 1924: Diploma d’OnoreMilano 1924: Gran Premio e Medaglia d’OroRim 1924: Gran Coppa e Medaglia d’OroPariz 1924: Membro di Giuria d’Onore/Gran Premio e Medaglia d’OroBrisel 1924: Gran Premio e Medaglia d’Oro

Rijeka 1925: Diploma con Medaglia d’Oro


Menabrea beer is the only brand in the world from 1997. to the present which collected numerous gold and silver medals at the World Championships of beer in Chicago and all’European Beer Star in Nuremberg, events that bring together the greatest experts in the field. A collection of awards is exclusive privilege for the brand that is synonymous with excellence on an international level.